Stonebaked Spelt Loaf x2
Stonebaked Spelt Loaf x2

Why is artisan bread superior?

Artisan breads are widely varied in appearance, but overall are superior to mass-produced breads in terms of: 

Flavour and aroma: As most artisan breads rely on traditional fermentation of yeast or cultures, this allows greater flavour development. Artisan bakers may also work complementary spices or herbs into their dough to further enhance the taste and aroma.Crumb and structure: If you cut open a mass-produced loaf of bread, you'll typically see a closed structure and dry crumb. With artisan breads, you'll typically find more alveoli (air pockets) that are evenly distributed, and a stronger, more hydrated crumb.Health benefits: Artisan bread may also be better for your gut - especially sourdough. Longer fermentation allows the enzymes in bread to begin to break down gluten, which is not easily digestible for most people.


Stonebaked Spelt Loaf (approx 280g / loaf) x2

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Bread stored in the refrigerator will dry out and become stale much faster than bread stored at room temperature. For longer-term storage, you should freeze bread. Soft-crusted, pre-sliced breads will keep fresh for up to a week at room temperature; be sure to keep the original packaging tightly closed after each use.

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