Today, it is now privately owned and on top of the first outlet at Katong V mall, we have now here a more comprehensive on-line shopping portal for our customer's convenience.
Our East Manhattan’s outlet are filled with the smell of freshly baked breads and pastries. All prepared with love and dedication, as always!
Bread and cakes that’s made with love and passion from the heart can never go wrong and at East Manhattan, you will be served only by people who care.
How did it start for John?
The founder owner, John, has a strong passion for baking since young, however, he took the corporate route after graduation and became a banker, and then a general manager at a semi-conductor firm. The spike and passion in him did not go off and thus in 2013, he took the courage to quit his secure corporate job and took a sabbatical at Manhattan, New York City.
He spent almost a year in the city and learned the fine art of classic American baking before setting up East Manhattan bakery at Katong V mall in November 2013.
During that year, East Manhattan focused on serving artisanal bakery goods like bread, tarts and cakes to customers which consist of Chinese and Expatriate.
Subsequently, John traveled to London to undergo additional training. John also graduated from Le Cordon Bleu London and he infuses the fine skills he picked up there into his baking and cooking.

Our Vision
East Manhattan will be the lifestyle bakery that provides customers with an exquisite confectionery experience in terms of quality, taste and presentation.

Our Mission 
Our passion is baking. Through baking, we aim to connect with our community by producing fine cakes, breads and pastries. We wish to be the preferred artisanal bakery in every area that we operate. We will stay dedicated to the art of bread-making, from meticulous ingredient selection to constant improvement of baking procedures.

We believe that the definition of innovation is not just the proficiency in baking delicious tasting breads, but breads that are also healthy and nutritious. We strive to ensure high-quality standards in our baking techniques and build a strong rapport with customers by staying open to feedback.

We set our sights on adding inspiration to our food, so that customers can experience endless possibilities and pursue enjoyment in them.
Our Customers, Always Our Priority
We will always strive to provide our customers with their preferred experience. Our customer's comments and feedback will always serve as a mirror for our improvement forward.