Brioche Loaves

 Brioche Loaves

When you’re looking for a super soft, rich, slightly sweet bread, look no further: a brioche style bread is what you’re looking for! A brioche bread has a soft, fluffy structure and slightly sweet flavour.

A brioche uses a what you would call very rich dough. The dough contains quite a lot of butter and eggs which give it that unique texture and flavour. However, it also makes it a bit more complicated to make since yeast in your bread doesn’t get along with them as well as it does with the flour and water.


What is special about a brioche bread?

A brioche bread is a very ‘rich’ bread. Whereas standard breads can be made from nothing more than water, flour, salt and yeast, a brioche will contain plenty eggs, milk and butter. That makes a bread ‘rich’. The high fat and protein contents of these ingredients is what makes the bread so special.

The Result : Brioche bread has the most amazing buttery flavor with a flaky crust and a fluffy inside.